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Healthcare and Foodservice Industries Develop New GS1 US Implementation Guidance on the Use of RFID to Deliver Product Traceability

Article reposted with permission from GS1 US.   GS1 US has published two new guidelines to assist U.S. healthcare and foodservice industries in using radio… Read More

RFID’s Potential in Pharmacy and Home Healthcare Models

Embracing Future Possibilities of Controlled Substance Inventory Management with RFID Technology

Every pharmacist likely recalls the first time they signed their name to verify the count of controlled substance (CS) inventory after becoming licensed. The thought… Read More

RFID: The Future of Smart Labelling?

This article was originally published on   The pharmaceutical industry began using radio frequency identification (RFID) tags in the early 2000s. Pfizer was… Read More

Reduce Medication Errors with Manufacturer-enabled RFID

This article was originally published by Healthcare IT News.   Each year, millions of patients are affected by medication errors, resulting in tens of… Read More

Emerging Care Models — An Opportunity for RFID?

As a pharmacist who has worked at the crossroads of healthcare and technology, one thing I continually ruminate on is what the future might look… Read More

Filling a Critical Role in Pharmaceutical Inventory Management

Radio Frequency Identification Enhances Patient Safety

Optimizing RFID Solutions in Pharmacy

RFID Value Creation Across the Continuum of Care